Sword and Sorcery action in Flight of the Valkyrie!
Ice gorgon from an upcoming issue of Flight of the Valkyrie!
Sword and Sorcery action in Flight of the Valkyrie!
Sci-Fi/Horror thrills in Moon Phases!
Monsters do exist in Dick Mummy issue 2!

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Mad Scientist, Madness Awaits
Radish, Ravaging Radish
Carrot, Agent Orange
Valkyrie, Looks Can Kill


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The Howling Moon - Part 2!

Werewolves and zombies fighting to the death! A rotting gumsho...

Veg Wars

What about Moon Comics?

Way back in the Winter of 2007, we went in search for originality.

Mainstream comics, movies, and anything else with an original story-line were quickly becoming endangered species. Re-boots, re-makes, and regurgitations of existing stories and characters were creating a landslide of 'been-there-done-that' media.
It felt as if the big-name movie producers, comic creators, and anyone else that was in charge of creating stories were contented to 'play it safe' -- by spitting out the same 'known' and 'familiar' content time after time. Perhaps they figured fans didn't seek anything new or different, or perhaps some didn't care - and only looked towards their proverbial 'bottom lines'.

Don't get us wrong - WE like some of the mainstream characters just as much as the next guy. But we also wanted... MORE.

So in the early Spring of 2008, during a power outage due to a strong thunderstorm, pencil was put to paper in the creation of characters for a story called The Vegetable Wars. What began as a web comic took flight the very next year to become critically-acclaimed print issues, spawning sibling stories that exist in the town of Town, the magical mysterious place where the Veg Wars tale resides.

More recently, we have expanded even more - to offer some of our titles as digital downloads through Comixology.com, home to the largest selection of digital comics anywhere.

It is now 2016, and the mainstream media trend of leaning towards the familiar and (dare we say) indifferent continues. But Moon Comics is still here - adding our own blend of seasonings and spices to the already great mix of stories and art. We decided to stretch the 'rules' a bit from time to time; to mix genres that normally aren't seen together (horror and romance for example). We decided to break outside of the story-telling box by adding more depth to our stories and characters. Where the the lines of 'good guy' and 'bad guy' can get blurred at times, and superheroes aren't always that easily identified.

What's that you say? You want some examples? You do want some originality? Well, sure! Thanks for asking! Here's a good place to start.