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The Vegetable Wars issue 1.5

Maiden Name

On a dark and stormy night, the mutant vegetables were born. Born out of mystery. Born from the unknown.
The rain lashed. The thunder boomed. As the vegetables marched down the mountain to seal our doom.
Created for a single purpose. Created for an evil plan. By a man. A scientist. A lunatic. In his hands. In his mind. These foul vegetables were given life to destroy all of human-kind.
And so the vegetables grew. Multiplied. Were indoctrinated. Were taught. To fight. To lead. To destroy all that stood in their way.
Deep within the mountain. Deep within the dark. The vegetables grew, from a wicked-evil-maternal spark.
And a bonus -- you can also read an extra story from the Time of the Heroes! A time long before the evil of the Vegetable Wars. A time when all in Town had a super power. So fight on for justice! For peace! For Goode!

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24 full-color pages.

$4.50 USD
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“In the shadows, the celery stalks...”